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9 Found First Name Last Name Personal URL Preferred Email
Detail Omit Robert Allison http://www.robertallisonhistory.com
Detail Omit http://www.providence.edu/history/faculty/Pages/eandrews.aspx
Detail Omit David Armitage http://scholar.harvard.edu/armitage/
Detail Omit Joseph Bagley boston.gov/archaeology [Confidential]
Detail Omit Richard Bell http://history.umd.edu/users/rjbell
Detail Omit Ruma Chopra www.rumachopra.com [Confidential]
Detail Omit Charles Cohen http://faculty.history.wisc.edu/cohen/index.html [Confidential]
Detail Omit Cassandra Good http://cassandragood.wordpress.com
Detail Omit Christopher Magra http://history.utk.edu/peopletwo/christopher-p-magra/ [Confidential]

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