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You may see all information that our members have chosen to make public. If you are or want to become a member of CSM please go to our membership page.

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The search is not case sensitive. You will usually see a match if what you type matches the start of the field (in some cases any part of the field). You will only see members who match all criteria entered on the find form.

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Find by:  Home | Work | Education | Interests

You may use these codes when finding:

  • " finds all members with something visible to you in the field.
  • = finds all members with nothing visible to you in the field.
  • A search criterion may be preceded by < or > or <= or >= or <>.
  • In date fields only you may enter two dates separated by ... to specify a date.
  • You may search for a single quote, space or comma by entering it in double quotes.
  • Two double quotes searches for a double quote.

Your search must use accented characters where applicable.