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Welcome to MemDir hosts online membership sites for a variety of organizations. Please click here to see the features offered by MemDir membership sites. is no longer adding new groups, but we suggest that you consider Wild Apricot if you are looking for a membership management platform.

The membership sites currently powered by MemDir technology include:

  • CSM - The Colonial Society of Massachusetts
  • HaLANN - The Harvard Latin@ Alumni National Network
  • HHA - Harvard Humanist Alumni *
  • GLIvyN - The Gay & Lesbian Ivy Alumni Network of Southern California *
  • LGLA - The Lesbian & Gay Bar Association of Los Angeles *
  • NetworkQ - A network of LGBTQ business school students and alumni/ae *

* These groups allow the general public to see information that members have chosen to make public.

MemDir logo tee shirts, caps and mugs are available at this link.