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Welcome to MemDir hosted online membership sites for a variety of organizations for seventeen years, from 2001 to 2018. is no longer active, but we suggest that you consider Personify (fka Wild Apricot) if you are looking for a membership management platform.

The membership sites formerly powered by MemDir technology included:

  • The Colonial Society of Massachusetts Membership Site
  • DukeLAN - The Duke LGBT Alumni Network
  • HaLANN - The Harvard Latin@ Alumni National Network
  • HHA - Harvard Humanist Alumni
  • HGSC - Harvard Gender & Sexuality Caucus (formerly the Harvard Gay & Lesbian Caucus)
  • GLIvyN - The Gay & Lesbian Ivy Alumni Network of Southern California
  • LGLA - The Lesbian & Gay Bar Association of Los Angeles
  • MIT QNET - Network of MIT alumni, students and staff, operated by MIT BGALA
  • NetworkQ - A network of LGBTQ business school students and alumni/ae

The features of MemDir membership directories included:

  • Members controlled the privacy level of all information they entered:
    • Private - only visible to group organizers
    • Members - visible to group members and organizers
    • Public - visible to any visitor to the site (optional)
  • Members could update their own information at any time, including their email addresses.
  • Members could find non-private information about other members.
  • Administrators could create an unlimited number of email listservs. These could be used:
    • to send updates to all members,
    • to allow members to send messages to small groups such as the board, and
    • to support discussions among members with shared interests.
  • Several ways to add new members:
    • Initial membership list could be imported.
    • Anyone could register at the site, but they were invisible to members and they couldn't see non-public information until they were "authenticated" by an administrator.
    • An administrator could "pre-authenticate" a member and send an invitation containing a personalized link that would give the member full membership privileges upon registration.
    • Members could invite others to join the group (subject to authentication by an administrator).
  • The site could list upcoming events and allow members to register themselves and their guests.
  • Members could pay membership dues and event costs on line by credit card using
  • Extensive administrative tools.

Archived home pages from the Internet Archive (sometimes supporting links to group home pages):


MemDir was developed and maintained by Robert W. Mack. It was written in HTML and ColdFusion.